August 10, 2023

Call to Order

2023-2024 Budget Hearing – No one asked to speak.

The following junior high students were recognized as Ambassadors of Excellence for representing District 54 on the 2023-2024 Special Olympics Illinois Youth Activation Committee. On August 25 and 26, they will attend the Youth Activation Committee Boot Camp where they will be trained in presentation skills, social justice, teambuilding, advocacy, digital citizenship, social media and other leadership skills to help them prepare for the work they will do on the statewide Special Olympics Illinois Youth Activation Committee throughout the school year.

  • From Mead Junior High School – Daniel Bush, Malik Hamidof, Rania Iqbal and Landon Luukkonen-McKay. Their District 54 staff advisers are Jennifer Geraghty and Kelly O’Reilly.
  • From Keller Junior High School – Jude Gulliford, Grace Furno, Summer Johnston and Hannah Tomchuk. Their advisers are Patti McGinn and Ryan Howson.
  • From Addams Junior High School – Daimely Serrano and Maxine Go. Their adviser is Ann Marie Cerny.

Public Comment – No one asked to speak.

District 54 Update

  • Staffing – District 54 welcomed 117 new teachers this summer. District 54 administrators attended 18 university job fairs in the spring to recruit these individuals. Of these new hires, 15 were former student teachers, 17 were flexible support teachers and 11 were substitute teachers in the 2022-23 school year. District 54 also added a school resource officer (SRO) position at Mead Junior High School, bringing the total to 5 SRO’s (one based at each middle school).
  • Capital Improvement – Summer capital improvement projects included upgrades to Muir Elementary School, the replacement of exterior doors, network and telecenter upgrades, gym projectors and flat panel installation, parking lot work, HVAC upgrades and other repairs. District 54 also received 794 air purifiers from the Illinois Department of Public Health to enhance classroom air quality.
  • Legislative Updates – District 54 updated the School Board on legislation related to bullying, honorable dismissal, teacher ratings, retired teachers, teacher tenure, Faith’s Law and the Illinois literacy plan expected to be developed/adopted by January 31, 2024. Within the draft plan, the Illinois State Board of Education has outlined three goals:
    • All students should achieve grade level literacy skills,
    • All educators are equipped to utilize evidence-based literacy practices, and
    • Streamline and consolidate initiatives to enhance focus for educators and students.
  • Crisis Prevention – District 54 is updating its crisis-related terminology to match the Standard Response Protocol developed by the I Love You Guys nonprofit school safety foundation. The phrase “Soft Lockdown” would be replaced with “Hold” or “Secure” and a “Hard Lockdown” will simply be called a “Lockdown.” A Hold means that everyone should clear the hallways and Hold in their classroom or area. It will be used when something happening in the school requires the schools to keep the hallways clear, such as a medical emergency or hazardous materials spill. If a school is Secure, there is a situation in the community where the police or school officials believe it is safer to move all students inside the school. Visitors will not be admitted to the school, but students and staff will continue with their usual routine inside the school. The changes will be explained during staff institute days on August 17 and 18, and an email with more details will be sent to all families on August 24. District 54 is conducting a safety and security audit this fall to evaluate current practices and determine areas for improvement.

Freedom of Information Act
Eleven Freedom of Information requests were replied to since the last report to the School Board. Details can be found in the FOIA Memo.

Consent Agenda
The School Board approved the following items on the Consent Agenda.

  • The minutes of the regular Board of Education meeting on June 8, 2023
  • Resignations, leaves, retirements, employment, re-employment and salary adjustments of personnel
  • Checks dated June 16, June 30, July 14 and July 28, 2023
  • The treasurer’s report on cash and investments for May and June 2023
  • The monthly update of revenues and expenditures for June 2023
  • The purchase of property, casualty and liability insurance coverage for 2023-2024
  • The purchase of technology licensing and support from CDW
  • The destruction of verbatim records of the closed-session school board meetings on December 9, 2021 and January 20 and 27, 2022, for which approved minutes already exist

Report of the Board President
Board President Jim Pye offered his thanks to a number of groups:

  • Schaumburg Township for hosting its annual Pack the Bus school supply event on Saturday and the volunteers who worked that day;
  • The Elk Grove Police Department for bringing the school resource officer position back to Mead Junior High;
  • Everyone who planned or participated in District 54’s Induction Week for new staff this week;
  • Staff members who worked in the District 54 summer camps, supporting almost 3,700 students; and
  • The operations and technology teams for all the work they did this summer to upgrade our facilities.

Upcoming events in District 54 include

  • A kickoff event for all staff on August 16,
  • The first day of school on August 21 and
  • The District 54 Run to Read on Sept. 17, which raises funds to purchase books for new teachers.

Foundation Report
Board Member Bill Harper thanked everyone who supported the Foundation’s golf outing in June and highlighted upcoming fundraisers for the Foundation, including parking cars at Collins School during Septemberfest, Sept. 2 and 3, and hosting a Lou Malnati’s Give Back Day on Sept 20 For more information, visit

New Business

  • The Board adopted the 2023-2024 budget.
  • The Board approved a resolution directing District 54 to prepare the 2024-2025 Budget in tentative form.
  • The Board appointed representatives to serve on the District Citizens’ Advisory Committee for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • The Board appointed representatives to serve on the Budget/Legislative Networking Committee for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • The Board approved the continuation of District 54’s membership in the Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce, the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce, the Schaumburg Business Association, the Greater O’Hare Area Regional Business Association, ED-RED, the Midwest Principals’ Center and the Illinois Association of School Boards. 

Board members joined in giving thanks to the Elk Grove Police for the school resource officer position and the District 54 staff who made this year’s Induction Week a huge success for new employees.

The Board adjourned at 8:10 p.m. to closed session for the semi-annual review of minutes of closed-session meetings, employment/appointment matters and legal matters.