Complaint Procedures

School District 54 believes that the quality of the education program can improve when the district listens to concerns, considers differences of opinion, and resolves disagreements and complaints through an established, objective process.

Board Policy 1:70 – Standard District Complaint Investigation contains information about how to file a formal complaint at the District level. It does not address the process for resolving problems at the school level. In general, if you have a concern about a particular school, it is almost always best to raise that concern with the principal or vice-principal. If you are not satisfied with the response at the site level, you may file a formal complaint

Students, families, employees or community members should notify a district complaint investigation manager if they believe the School Board, its employees or agents have violated rights guaranteed under state and federals laws including laws or have a complaint regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying.

The District 54 Complaint Investigation Managers are

  • Nick Myers, associate superintendent, at (847) 357-5036 and
  • Cynthia Gordon, assistant superintendent of special education, at (847) 357-5052.