New Teachers

In keeping with the District 54 School Board’s mission to ensure student success while fostering lifelong learning, District 54 is committed to hiring and retaining a highly qualified staff. The District 54 Induction and Mentoring Program is designed to support new teachers and specialists and to create a professional growth environment. Mentor training, professional development classes and individual goal-setting are integral components of the District 54 Induction and Mentoring Program.


The district instructional mentor is part of the District 54 New Teacher Induction Program. The mentors are released from classroom teaching responsibilities to form partnerships with new teachers, assisting them in understanding the core curriculum, classroom management, instructional strategies, assessment and all aspects of their professional development. They will refine their skills in developing trusting and open relationships and dialogues around instruction. They will use formative assessment tools to coach novice teachers.

Meet Our Mentors

Sarah Tolomeo

Michelle Felice

Sonia McKenzie

Katie Potesta

Illinois State Board of Education Educator Licensure Site


Assistant Superintendent Colette Bell at (847) 357-5053.