Innovative Learning

District 54 students in early childhood through second grade are issued an Apple iPad and students in third through eighth grade are issued a Dell Chromebook.

If you do not have WiFi connectivity at home, please let your child’s school know.

Students will be accessing various platforms and programs to further explore concepts introduced in class. The Chromebooks and iPads are instructional technology tools that we anticipate will increase student engagement and collaboration, provide all students with access to digital content, and allow for higher levels of individualized instruction and differentiation. Our mission for Innovative Learning is to provide students with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills to help prepare them for college and career.

Students and parents/guardians must agree to the Acceptable Use of the Instructional Devices Guidelines at the time of registration in order for students to receive and use an instructional device. Should you have additional questions, please contact the student’s teacher or principal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will use their instructional device regularly; however, the device does not render textbooks, pencil and paper obsolete. District 54’s Innovative Learning platform will follow a “blended learning model,” which means using a combination of technology, books and paper to deliver our curriculum and support students in meeting the Illinois Learning Standards.

District 54 has developed orientation plans and a digital citizenship curriculum to help students understand how to use instructional devices and different learning tools, as well as how to use technology safely and appropriately. Teachers will also support students as the devices are integrated into classwork and assignments.

There is no cost for families. All instructional devices will be provided by District 54 and will remain the property of the school district.

Optional Instruction Device Protection Insurance is available for students; you can select this fee just like the yearly consumable fee for each student in our parent portal. This insurance program protects the Chromebook or iPad against loss, theft or destruction as a result of accidental damage (drops/spills, fire, flood and natural disasters). This insurance policy will provide replacement cost coverage and protect the Chromebook or iPad on and off school grounds for one school year. Click here for more information about the Instructional Device Protection Plan – Optional Insurance.

Students should report all problems to their teachers. A spare or replacement device can be issued while the student’s original device is being repaired. The district will not charge a student for the repair of a device due to system failure or normal wear and tear. Should the device be intentionally damaged by the student, the district may charge the student the cost of repair, up to and including the replacement cost of a new device.

If a device is lost or stolen, students or their parents/guardians must submit an immediate police report to the school principal. The district reserves the right to charge a replacement fee up to the cost of a new device. If families purchased the optional insurance, it will cover accidental damages and replacement.

No student data is stored on the device. The device is primarily intended to run web-based applications and will need a web connection in order to do most tasks. Users operate in a cloud-based environment where documents, pictures, videos, and other files are uploaded.

No. The District 54 devices are preconfigured to operate in the district network and include a management console that allows the district to provide students with a number of important applications and features, as well as the ability to control device settings.

The primary use of the instructional device is educational. We do not support gaming applications or recreational websites on district-issued devices.

The safety of our students is our number one priority. Online safety and privacy is no exception.

District 54 complies with federal and state laws, including the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection ActFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Illinois Children’s Privacy Protection and Parental Empowerment Act and District 54 Board Policy 6:235 – Acceptable Use of the Internet.

Staff members shall provide supervision while students are using the district’s Internet access to ensure that the students abide by these laws and district policies. The district filters all on-premises connections to the Internet and blocks entry of computers or devices to sites that may contain content considered obscene, pornographic, harmful or inappropriate for students.

The district will supplement this by providing at-home filtering applications. Regardless of filtering capabilities, families should discuss and encourage appropriate Internet usage and filtering outside of school.

Google files allow the user to work in offline mode so students can complete classwork at home, even if they don’t have Internet access. Files are saved locally to the Chromebook, then automatically updated the next time a wireless connection is detected.

Comcast provides a reduced price connection program for qualifying families. Click here to visit the Internet Essentials website for more information about that program. Our community also offers free Wi-Fi at various locations including our public libraries.

For families for whom the reduced price is a hardship, District 54 secured a grant to provide Wi-Fi hot spots. Families who qualify for free and reduced lunch and cannot afford Internet access at home can contact their school to request a hot spot. The hot spots are programmed to each device and will be collected when the device is turned in at the end of the school year.

All devices have asset tags, which can be scanned to determine to whom a particular device has been issued.

Students are expected to bring their devices to school every day as part of their regular school supplies. However, if a student forgets to bring their device to school, a teacher can secure a loaner device for the student to use during the school day.

These devices are District 54 property to be used for educational purposes. Once logged into the District 54 Google domain, both at school and at home, the usage logs can be reviewed by the district.

The devices can be used anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available. Google applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be used in offline mode without an internet connection.

No. District 54 will not have the ability to use the cameras remotely.

Google Classroom is an online learning platform and virtual classroom environment available for students in third through eighth grade. Google Classroom is used as a hub to engage students in their daily classwork while promoting student creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Google has declared its commitment to protecting the privacy and security of students. Google states that it does not sell students’ G-Suite for Education data to third parties and does not share personal information placed in its systems with third parties. Click here to read more information on Google Student Privacy.

District 54 students in third grade through eighth grade will be issued Gmail accounts when they receive their Chromebooks. Student Gmail accounts will be their student ID For example: [email protected].

No. Each student will be assigned a District 54 Google account which is the account that must be used to log in to the Chromebook.

A fully charged Chromebook battery will last approximately 8 hours. Students are expected to bring their devices to school fully charged each day.

No. The device is not to be shared with others.

Chromebooks and iPads should not be personalized with stickers or any other unique identifiers that permanently alter the device.

Seesaw is an online learning platform and virtual classroom environment available for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Seesaw is used to engage students in their daily classwork while promoting student creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

What is Seesaw Family?
Seesaw Family is an app available for iOS, Android, and Kindle. Families can be involved in their child’s learning by seeing their child’s work and having the ability to comment and like work that their child posts.

How can I get connected to my child’s Seesaw classroom?
Information will be sent home by teachers in the beginning of the school year on how you can get connected. If your child is starting in the middle of the school year, please contact your child’s teacher to learn how you can get connected.

District 54 students begin using devices in kindergarten, resulting in them being comfortable with the keyboard layout by junior high school. However, should students want to practice typing at home, there are a variety of free typing tutorials available online.

Any problems with District 54 technology should be brought to the attention of your student’s teacher. The teacher will take the proper steps necessary to troubleshoot the issue.