Chromebook Protection Plan

School District 54 Chromebook Protection Plan

Schaumburg School District 54 offers families an optional protection plan to insure the district-owned Chromebooks issued to students. This insurance program protects the Chromebook against loss, theft or destruction as a result of accidental damage (drops/spills, fire, flood and natural disasters). This insurance policy will provide replacement cost coverage and protect the Chromebook on and off school grounds for one school year.

Program Premium/Coverage

  • Nonrefundable Premium: $25 annually
  • Deductible: $50
  • Maximum Coverage Per Year: $250
  • Make checks payable to School District 54

Fees without Insurance

  • Lost/Stolen or Unrepairable Cost: $250 per Chromebook

Effective Coverage/Expiration Date

  • Effective Date: The first day of school or subsequent date when the Chromebook is issued after the first day of school
  • Expiration Date: The last day of school before summer vacation or the date a student leaves District 54
  • Insurance must be paid for prior to student receiving his/her Chromebook


  • Accidental Destruction: Pays for accidental damage caused by liquid spills, drops or any other unintentional event that destroys the Chromebook.
  • Theft: Pays for loss due to theft. The claim requires a police report to be filed.
  • Fire: Pays for damage of the Chromebook due to fire. The claim must be accompanied by an official fire report from the investigating authority.
  • Electrical Surge: Pays for damage to the device due to an electrical surge.
  • Natural Disaster: Pays for loss or damage caused by natural disasters.


  • This policy does not cover dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, criminal or negligent (not locked/stored in an unsecured manner, or location) use.
  • This policy does not cover consumables (the USB charging cable and the case).
  • Damage that does not affect the functionality of the Chromebook is not covered. This includes, but is not limited to, scratches, dents and broken ports/parts and port covers.
  • “Jailbreaking” or otherwise voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by altering the software also voids this protection.
  • District 54 is not liable for any loss, damage (including accidental, consequential or punitive damages) or expense caused directly or indirectly by the equipment.

School District 54 Chromebook Insurance Terms and Conditions

In this Terms and Conditions, “we,” “us” and “our” means Schaumburg School District 54. “You” and “your” means the parent/guardian and the student enrolled in District 54. The “property” is the Chromebook owned by District 54. Upon signing, you are eligible to receive the property at no cost with the following terms and conditions:

Terms: You will comply at all times with the District 54 Acceptable Use of the Chromebook Guidelines and the District 54 Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy.

Title: Legal title to the property is held by District 54 at all times. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with these terms. As there is no filtering software placed upon the property, your compliance of these terms may require parental and self-monitoring while using outside of District 54 facilities.

Loss/Damage: If you do not accept insurance and the property is damaged, lost or stolen, you are responsible for the reasonable cost of repair or the replacement value on the date of loss. Loss or theft of the property must be reported to school administration by the next school day following the occurrence. District 54 is not responsible for assisting with the recovery of any lost or stolen devices. You may be required to file a police report.

Appropriation: Your failure to return the property in a timely manner and the continued use of it for non-school purposes without the consent of District 54 may be considered unlawful appropriation of the school’s property.

Indemnification: The student and parent/guardian release, hold harmless, defend and indemnify District 54 from any claims, liability or money damages (including attorney fees) brought by a third person, the student or the parents/guardians against District 54 and related to the student’s use of the device or the student’s or parents’/guardians’ breach of these terms.

If a student is unenrolled from District 54 for any reason, the protection plan becomes null and void on that date. There are no refunds once this document becomes active on the first day of school or on the subsequent date when the Chromebook is issued after the first day of the school year.