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Lakeview second-graders build farmer’s market booths

Four students building a cardboard farmer's market booth

It may be cold outside, but Lakeview second-grade students made it easy to get in a warm-weather frame of mind with their Cardboard Challenge creations: booths to sell items at a farmer’s market!

After reading the book “Little Taco Truck” by Tanya Valentine and watching a video spotlighting the Schaumburg Farmer’s Market, students worked together to build farmer’s market stands and decide what they would sell.

“Many students have been to the Farmer’s Market, so that helped them get ideas for businesses,” Library Resource Teacher Lauren Franciose said.

One group said they planned to sell fruits such as “strawberries, bananas and maybe blueberries,” while another group planned to sell baked goods such as “cakes, cupcakes and a lot of other sweets and stuff.” Students also researched prices for their items and chose a name for their business. Second-grader Aleksandra said working on the Cardboard Challenge has been fun, and when it was difficult, they kept trying again.

Kindergarten and first-grade students participated in the Cardboard Challenge as well. Kindergarten students built paper playgrounds after reading “The Recess Queen,” while first-grade students built gingerbread houses after reading “Gingerbread Mouse.”

Through student-driven projects such as the Cardboard Challenge District 54 students are learning about the steps in the design process – ask, imagine, plan, create and improve – and developing their collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.