February 21, 2024

Public Comment – No one asked to speak.

Staffing Plan
District 54 presented the School Board with a tentative staffing plan for the 2024-2025 school year based on projected enrollment at this time of 13,991 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Staffing allocations are made in District 54 to best support the complex needs of our students. That starts with elementary class size averages of 21 students and junior high teacher to student ratios of 1:18. All District 54 schools also have full-time social workers and psychologists, and an average of five support positions, including coaches and gifted enrichment teachers.

Although the overall enrollment is projected to be less than this year, the needs of our students continue to grow in complexity. To meet those needs, District 54 recommends adding six English learner resource teachers, six special education teachers and three general education teaching positions. Almost 300 students have moved to District 54 this year from other countries and need the support of English Learner resource teachers. The next steps in the staffing plan are to continue to monitor enrollment for next year and to focus on recruiting the next exceptional employees to serve our students.

Parent-Paid Transportation Update
All public school districts are required to provide free busing for students who live more than 1.5 miles from their school. District 54 also offers a parent-paid transportation program. In the summer of 2023, District 54 eliminated parent-paid transportation for students living .5 miles or less from the school they attend due to the national bus driver shortage. The District 54 administration recommends maintaining the parent-paid transportation program in District 54 for the 2024-25 school year as an option for families living .5 to 1.49 miles from their school when there is space available on a route.

Lincoln Prairie Project Update
Since the School Board approved a design concept for the Lincoln Prairie expansion in December, District 54 has moved forward in conversations with the Hoffman Estates Park District, the Village of Hoffman Estates and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation to develop an ideal site plan and floor plan. The School Board also voted to purchase parcels of land at Sycamore Park near the school to expand the driveway and parking lot in front of the school. The money paid to the park district for the land will be used to install a new all-ages playground at the site. Pending village and MWRD approval, work is expected to begin this summer.

Consent Agenda
The Board approved the following items on the Consent Agenda.

  • The minutes of the regular and closed-session board meeting on January 18, 2024
  • Resignations, leaves, terminations, retirements and employment of personnel
  • Checks dated January 12 and 26, and February 9, 2024
  • The treasurer’s report on cash and investments for January 2024
  • The monthly update of revenues and expenditures for January 2024
  • The purchase of four 2024 dump trucks and a plow
  • The purchase of technology licensing and support
  • The destruction of the verbatim records of the closed-session school board meeting held on August 11, 2022, for which approved minutes already exist

DCAC Report
Board Member Barb Hengels reported that the District Citizens Advisory Committee heard a presentation on PBIS – the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports system in District 54.

Board Member Nick Scipione thanked Superintendent Andy DuRoss, Associate Superintendent Erin Knoll and Assistant Superintendent Colette Bell for presenting on an Illinois Association of School Boards webinar about teacher retention.

D54 Foundation Report
Board Member Bill Harper invited everyone to the Foundation’s Mardi Gras and Casino Night on March 1.

PTA Report
Board Member Barbara Hengels congratulated the PTA on its 125th anniversary this past weekend.

New Business

  • The Board brought the following policies for a first reading:
    • 4:270 – Disposal of District Property,
    • 4:60 – Purchases and Contracts,
    • 5:30 – Hiring Process and Criteria,
    • 6:230(a) – Textbook, Instructional and Library Media Center Material Selection and Adoption and Use,
    • 6:230(b) – Textbook, Instructional and Library Media Center Material Inspection or Reconsideration,
    • 7:60(a) – Proof of Residence,
    • 8:30 – Visitors to and Conduct on District Property and
    • 8:40 – Spectator Conduct and Sportsmanship for Athletic and Extracurricular Events.
  • The Board appointed Steve Miller as the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) authorized agent for District 54.
  • The Board approved the purchase of parcels of land at Sycamore Park from the Hoffman Estates Park District for the Lincoln Prairie project.
  • The Board appointed Chris Bingen as Executive Director for Business Operations beginning on July 1, 2024.

The Board adjourned at 8:10 p.m. to closed session for employment matters, school matters and the semiannual review of closed-session meeting minutes.