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Junior Journalist Update from Frost – By Aishani W.

The month of March showcased the month of happiness. Every week within our advocacy classes at Frost, we were asked to do a certain activity. Some were to write a special note to each other or to do an act of kindness throughout the week. Each week was designated to show gratitude to a certain group of people.

The first week was for Frost teachers and staff members. In the morning, some student ambassadors were asked to provide breakfast items such as donuts and orange juice for the teachers. This was just a way to show our thanks for all that the staff and teachers have done for Frost.

The second week consisted of showing kindness to your peers. For this week, in advocacy we were asked to write a kind note to someone and give it to them. It could be about them being a positive leader and role model or about them giving good advice. The main reason was to bring a smile to the students’ faces which is all that was seen on that day. The student ambassadors also gave a huge helping hand and stuck positive comments on the students’ lockers. This was their random act of kindness that they did to make their friends happy.

The third and final week consisted of helping out our community. During the week prior to this one, there was a food drive held on March 16 to collect items for the District 54 food pantry. Also, on March 20 if we dined at the Village Tavern, 20 percent of those sales went to Feed My Starving Children. This was a way for Frost to give something to the community during the month of happiness. During the week, Frost had been selling colorful socks to wear on Crazy Socks Day, which was March 21 to raise awareness of  Down Syndrome. This was Frost’s way of giving their thanks to their teachers, students, and community throughout the month of happiness.