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Junior Journalist Update from Eisenhower – By Sadhika V.

Recently Eisenhower Junior High introduced Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, which provide a virtual reality experience for the user. For example, you can play a video about Africa in the headset and it feels like you are in Africa with giraffes, hippos, lions and gorillas. You can also walk through a breathtaking gallery of photos taken around the world, have a walk through a museum, and explore a magical land called Dreamworld. It’s like putting on a pair of goggles and traveling anywhere in the world you want. The school plans to use the headsets for educational purposes, such as models of molecules for science or trips into space.  I interviewed a student on how she likes this new addition to our technology.

Q) What is your favorite thing about the VR headsets?

A) I loved walking through the photos of Paris and standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Q) What do you think of using the headsets in school?

A) I’m really excited because usually VR headsets are used in arcades and bowling alleys. I think it’s really cool we get to use them in school.

Q) Would you like to use them as much as we use Chromebooks?

A) Yes! It would be great to learn new things on VR headsets! If we use them as much as our Chromebooks, half our lessons would be on them!

One reason the headsets are so exciting is because they make learning (and teaching) easier and a lot more fun. Instead of opening up a book and staring at a page, you get to see what you’re learning about firsthand. You get to be in the moment and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Isn’t that something?

I asked Mrs. Conway, a seventh-grade language arts teacher at my school, why she likes VR headsets and how they can help school.

“The three reasons I love VR headsets so much is because they increase student engagement and experiences out of school walls and community,” she said. “The second reason is that they can build new backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where you come from. The last reason is that it levels the playing field and what I mean by that is that the headsets give new experiences. For example, if a family or student is unable to go somewhere, like London, they can travel virtually. It doesn’t matter what your background is. Every kid can have the same experience.”

Many students agree with the school’s decision to teach with VR headsets. Along with being virtual and fun, these headsets allow users to have experiences they’ve never had before. They open new opportunities for both students and teachers. The headsets are a huge step into the future for our school and our education.