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Junior Journalist Update from Frost – By Aishani W.

Here at Robert Frost Junior High, the boys basketball season kicked off to a great start. Their first basketball game against Sundling sadly was a defeat, but thanks to all the support they received from their peers due to “Pack the Gym Night,” where students were asked to bring an item to the basketball game to donate, the team played to its fullest. This was an incredible way to gain more items for our local food pantry. To encourage the team, there was also a “White-Out” that was held on November 8 where the students of Frost were asked to wear white in support of the game against Eisenhower.

Throughout Frost there has been much encouragement going on. Just the other day in orchestra, one of my classmates found some of the notes challenging and hard to pick up. Because of the encouragement her peers brought her by continuously mentioning what a great violinist she was and how they looked up to her, she found joy in the challenge and took it as a way for her to improve. There were many such incidents throughout Frost. It feels utterly delightful to see actions like this occurring right in front of my eyes.

On November 8 Frost held its fourth annual Veterans Day dinner to honor ones that have served for their country. The veterans’ names were announced and they each were presented with flowers, a flag, a pin, a certificate, and a T-shirt to thank them for their service. Afterward, some of the students from the basketball team escorted the veterans into the cafeteria, which was where the dinner was held. The cafeteria was decorated in red, white and blue and had a banner signed by many students at Frost. There was also a veterans “Hero Wall,” which Frost students created to display the veterans pictures with decorated thank you notes. This was Frost’s way to thank the veterans for all the hard work they have done for us.

Recently, there was a meeting that most teachers attended that was led by Thomas C. Murray, the author of the book “Learning Transformed.” This book covered Murray’s experience with technology when he used to teach and how it was time to reinvent different learning tactics. The world outside us is evolving, so we have to too. Nowadays, technology is a must-have resource and it is time for us to implement it within our learning.

In science, Mr. Christopoulos has his own Instagram where he posts pictures of his students conducting lab experiments or participating in group discussions. Ms. Mueller is planning on getting comfortable seating in her class so the students can enjoy learning about the different lessons in social studies. Ms. Kalland uses a site called Pear Deck, which lets students see the slideshow that she is presenting on our Chromebooks. It also lets us interact by typing in answers to practice questions about the topic we are learning in language arts. The change in the pedagogy would eventually lead to many students having a comfortable environment in which to learn, hence leading to them being more independent with themselves and their resources. This innovative way of learning will set students up for success and prepare them for jobs in the future.