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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – By Ryan K.

During an assembly at Addams Junior High on March 23, Paralympian Lloyd Bachrach came to the school and talked to students about what it means to achieve what you want. Lloyd  was on the 1996 U.S. Paralympic Team and competed in volleyball in the 1996 Atlanta games. Lloyd overcame his challenges, winning a few gold medals along the way. Lloyd had been born with congenital bone deficiency which shortened the bones in his legs, making it extremely difficult for him to participate in sports of any kind. When he was younger Lloyd competed in baseball, swimming and gymnastics. When he was looking into the Olympics, he realized that there was no gymnastics in the Paralympics, and that he had to choose another sport in order to participate. He ended up choosing volleyball, a sport he had not played before. Lloyd and his team brought home the medal, showing that anyone and everyone can overcome their differences if they try. Lloyd taught Addams students that no one is limited to something, and that they will achieve their dreams no matter what.