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Junior Journalist Update from Eisenhower – By Rylee J.

Third girls in their volleyball uniformsTeamwork. Commitment. Motivation. These are the qualities that paved the path to victory for Eisenhower’s volleyball team this season. This year our eighth grade lady spikers went on to become conference and district champions. Seventh graders struggled to move on to the semi-finals yet had some major improvements. It was a rollercoaster of seasons but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I asked some of the players what volleyball has taught them.

Abby Q. says, “ I went into volleyball just to get connected but it honestly changed my life. I won’t always have these girls as my teammates but they will always be my friends. I think any sport or club is a good way to find your people. To be clear though, volleyball is the best sport. Like without question.”

The Eisenhower girls volleyball team“All future seventh graders trying out next year should have confidence. Confidence in their skills, confident in their ability to improve and confident in their mistakes,” Samantha R. says. “A good team isn’t exempted [not allowed] from making mistakes, they just help each other get past them.”


Maya S. says, “ Even off the court we’re still a team and have each other’s back. Always.”

“Whether we took a win or a loss it’s just more time to improve,” Emily M. said. “I remember in the practice tournaments, we didn’t win one game,” she laughs. “The whole team just said four Ls make two Ws and it was a great way to end the day.”

Three girls volleyball players in their uniformsThe last two months were a great demonstration of Eagle spirit and the passion of the lady spikers. We learned being a team is all about having that win, or loss, together.

“Last year I don’t think seventh grade had one win in the conference,” says co-coach Ms.Knappik. “ If they could come back with 8-0 score in conference during eighth, I know the seventh graders will blow us all away next year.”

High hopes for Eisenhower’s future and smiles from its past. Lead on Ike!