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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – By Ryan K.

Every month, Addams Junior High hosts a “Be Addams” assembly, which celebrates, and honors the students who work their best every day to be a model student. We have them at the end of the school day, and every assembly we have a different department gets to choose which students to nominate. The assembly we just had was for students from the math department, and the one before that was students from the P.E (Physical Education) department.

The students who win the award go up to the front of the gym during the assembly, and the teacher who nominated that student will speak about why they deserve the award. They also get to have their picture taken and put up in the hallway by the front door. During these assemblies, students also vote to decide which teacher from that department will win the teacher awards. The art club members build sculptures for all the teachers who win at these assemblies. We also usually play school wide games where all students are able to participate. These games are designed by the school’s ambassador club. The students are also able to put their names inside a raffle, so that they have a chance to win something, ranging from being able to sit up in front of everyone on a comfy chair, to winning Addams water bottles or shirts.

The Be Addams assemblies are also one of the many ways that students learn about the benefits of happiness, and what it can do for you. These assemblies are also the perfect way to represent students, and how hard they work in school. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and achievement when they win these awards. The best part of these assemblies, however, is being able to be involved with the design, and ideas for what is going to happen there. It gives students the ability to feel involved with the school, and help with things that they were not able to do before.