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Junior Journalist Update from Mead – By Ella S.

The January meeting of Club UNIFY at Mead Junior High was a blast for members. Club UNIFY is a group of students committed to spreading inclusion awareness around the school. At this most recent meeting, students and teachers discussed discussed the upcoming Club UNIFY Spirit Week and assembly planned for the week of February 20. Students are excited to show their spirit during the spirit week, and to run the assembly all by themselves. Members voted on the themes for each of the days and got a sneak peek on what roles they will play in carrying out and planning the assembly. In addition to getting a little idea of what will happen at the assembly and throughout the spirit week, club members spent the remainder of the day playing board games and socializing among each other. UNO was a very popular game choice. At the end, as a whole club, Club UNIFY went down to the gym to watch the end of the wrestling match, Mead versus Keller. What a fun day!