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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – By Daniella P.

When I think of Jane Addams I think of the extracurricular activities. There is Media, STEM, Chorus, The Wheel, Art, Music, and Band. Media teaches students about Photoshop and more. STEM shows students how to go far in life and create amazing things with your two hands. Chorus lets students express themselves with their voice. The Wheel has three educational electives in one: art, media, and music. In art students can express themselves through paper and the teachers always remind them of that. Piano and ukulele are musical instruments we do not just learn about but also play in music. Last but not least, there is band. Addams’ band is music to your ears. The instructor and students know what they are doing when they say they do. I am very privileged to have a school that offers these electives, and I am sure that if I ask any student everyone in this school can say so. That is why I asked three students their opinion on the electives Jane Addams offers. I chose Jai W.,Mikayla M., and Bella H.

The first person I interviewed was Bella H.

Daniella: What do you think of the electives here at Addams?

Bella: I think that they are good because they cater to everyone.

Daniella: What is your favorite elective and why?

Bella: My favorite is band because I love playing music and I get to do it constantly.

Daniella: How do the electives help you succeed in your education and in your everyday school life?

Bella: I think it helps because electives can be a time that you can relax and talk to you friends.

Daniella: Why did you pick your electives?

Bella: I picked my electives because I wanted to see what different things were and I love to play music.

The next person I interviewed was Mikayla M.

Daniella: What is the most exciting thing about Media?

Mikayla: My favorite thing about media is you can just express your creativity through film and editing.  It gives you opportunities that some subjects in school don’t usually have.

Daniella: Why do you think the electives here are important?

Mikayla: I think that it gives children more freedom to show who they are outside of a normal classroom environment, and experience new things.

The last person I interviewed was Jai W.

Daniella: Why did you chose Chorus for your elective?

Jai: I chose chorus as an elective because I started to love singing when I was 6. I have loved singing ever since then so, I picked chorus as an elective.

Daniella: What is something that sticks out the most from these elective classes?

Jai: Something that sticks out to me is the different genres of music that we learn about and the fact that everyone gets a chance to have a solo/trio/small group.

Daniella: Would you recommend your elective to new students coming next year?

Jai: I recommend chorus as an elective because if students next year like to sing, then chorus would be a good elective. Chorus helps students express themselves through their voice.

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.