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District 54 parents participating in district’s adult ESL classes

Parents from schools throughout District 54 are taking part in the district’s free winter/spring English as a Second Adults taking notes during an activityLanguage classes at Frost Junior High, Blackwell Elementary School and Eisenhower Junior High. During the classes, which meet once a week for eight weeks, participants engage in communicative activities centered on a broad range of topics.

In one recent activity the group did a vocabulary walk-around for different household problems. The parents looked at pictures and wrote down on a sticky note, either in English or in their own language, what was wrong in each picture. Afterwards the parents talked about the problems and how they would call an electrician, plumber, etc. for help.

The parents also have completed speaking assignments on the computer by watching a video of their teacher asking them a question and then recording and reviewing their response to the question.

“They are extremely engaged in everything we do and are so willing to learn it all,” said Frost Spanish teacher Rosa Acostruiz, who coordinated the winter/spring 2017 sessions and is teaching the class at Frost. “It’s also great to see them work together and help each other out.”

Earlier in the school year the district offered fall/winter adult ESL classes at Hanover Highlands and Nerge elementary schools.