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Frost students participate in final Frost Strong Camp of the school year

Last week Frost Junior High School students participated in their final Frost Strong Camp of the Students participate in an activity at Frost Strong Campschool year. Each of the camps held throughout the year centered on several of the Quantum Keys of Excellence. Students participated in activities that illustrated each Key and then discussed how they could apply that Key to their own lives. The focus of the final camp was commitment, flexibility and balance.

For the commitment activity, students were asked to sit back to back. One student had a whiteboard and a marker. The other student had an image they needed to describe to their partner and get their partner to draw the image. The trick was that the student describing was not allowed to say the name of the objects in the pictures. After completing the activity students discussed how this activity helped them think about the Quantum key of commitment.

To go with the end-of-the-year theme the final camp also included a special lesson on grit. Students talked about what it means to have grit. They watched a short video clip about famous people that have demonstrated grit, took a survey to find out their own level of grit, and then were asked to fill out a grit ladder. This ladder helped the students think about their long-term goals and what steps they will need to take to meet those goals.