Health Services

District 54 staff work with parents and students to keep students healthy and in school. However, sometimes students do get sick. We appreciate the fact that our parents have been diligent about keeping their children home when they are sick and notifying our school office.

If children are vomiting or have a fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater), they will be sent home and parents will be advised to keep sick children home for at least 24 hours after they stop vomiting or do not show signs of fever, without using fever-reducing drugs (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

Health Requirements

Physical Exam: The Illinois School Code requires that children entering preschool, kindergarten (or first grade if kindergarten was not attended) and sixth grade must have had a physical exam within one year prior to starting that grade level. Students of any age transferring from a school outside Illinois must also have had a physical within the last year. School Physical Exam Form

Sports Exam: Students must have a current physical exam to participate in interscholastic and contact intramural sports. Students may NOT try out for a sport without a physical exam. The physical must have been performed within one year of the start of the specific sport. Sports Physical Exam Form

Immunizations: All immunizations must be current according to the requirements of the Illinois School Code. Students who fail to comply will be excluded from school. Click here for a list of Immunization Requirements (or Immunization Requirements – Spanish).

Dental Exam: Students in kindergarten, second and sixth grade also must have had a dental exam within 18 months of May 15 of that school year. Dental Examination Form

Eye Exam: All children enrolling in kindergarten, or entering the Illinois school system for the first time must provide the school by Oct. 15 with proof an eye examination completed by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist or proof of an appointment for an eye exam. Eye Exam Form  Eye Exam Waiver

School Nurses – What We Do

All schools have a full-time nurse assigned to the school. If your child has a significant medical history, it is important to share the information with the school nurse so that she can coordinate a safe and competent care plan for your child at school. If your child becomes ill or is injured during school, every effort will be made to contact you or the person you designate on your child’s emergency form.

Keep the emergency contact information up to date by notifying the school of changes. If the nurse determines that paramedic assistance is necessary, 911 will be called and the child will be taken to the closest hospital. Each village sets its own fees for ambulance transportation.

  • Provide emergency care with appropriate parent notification and medical referral
  • Administer medications and treatments
  • Perform specialized health care procedures
  • Access community health resources
  • Assess individual health needs and develop and implement care plans as needed
  • Collaborate with administration and staff regarding special health care needs of students
  • Screen vision and hearing with referral and follow-up as needed
  • Ensure compliance with State of Illinois mandates for physical examination and immunizations
  • Manage communicable disease in accordance with Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines
  • Function as a member of the Child Study Team (CST) by assessing the impact of medical factors on learning
  • Provide health and safety education to students and staff
  • Conduct classroom presentations such as dental health, family living, eye and heart dissection, and blood pressure

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