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Safety Alert

Posted May 21st, 2015 by Terri McHugh

This morning, one of our students reported that he was approached by a man in a black, 4-door vehicle and offered a ride, while on his way to Enders-Salk School on Sagamore Drive in Schaumburg. He ran away and the car did not follow him. He made it to school safely and told his teacher. The Schaumburg Police Department is investigating the matter.

Although we don’t have a more specific description of the man or the vehicle, District 54 wanted to ask parents to remind their children about ways to stay safe on the way to and from school or anytime they are outside. Here are some tips for you and your family on student safety and security.

  • Know the route your children walk to school, to the bus stop, to friends’ homes and to play areas. Walk with them until you are acquainted with their routine.
  • Encourage them to walk with a buddy or ask an older student you know to accompany your children to school or the bus stop, and back.
  • Check out the neighborhood with your children and warn them of potential hazards. Point out homes of people you know and other safe places where they can go for help.
  • Tell your children to always refuse to go anywhere with people they don’t know. If someone they don’t know stops to ask directions, teach your students to step well back so they can get away fast.
  • Instruct them to always say “no” if a grownup invites them into their car or home, unless you have given them permission.

Click here to access a Stranger Danger Fact Sheet to help you talk about this topic at home with your child.

Any questions or information about this incident can be directed to the Schaumburg Police Department at (847) 882-3534.