Physical Education

The mission of the District 54 Physical Education Department is to empower all students to choose to live active, healthy lifestyles by providing positive and rewarding experiences.

Students in first through sixth grade, as well as full-day kindergarten students, attend physical education twice a week for 30 minutes. Junior high students attend physical education every day for 40 minutes, except during their nine weeks of health.

The physical education program offered in School District 54 is developmentally appropriate and aligned with Illinois Learning Standards for physical education. The physical education units are designed to give students a well-rounded curriculum and experience that integrates physical skills, promotes social development through cooperation and teamwork, and provides healthy fitness opportunities that will encourage a lifetime of enjoyable participation in physical activity.

Our overall objective is to develop attitude, skill and knowledge in each student that will result in good physical, social, emotional and mental health.

The goals of physical education are

  • to help students gain early success in the basic physical skills and concepts.  Some of these skills include body and spatial awareness, locomotor movements, jumping and landing, balancing, rolling, chasing, fleeing, dodging, dribbling, kicking, throwing, catching, volleying and striking;
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle for students;
  • to increase each student’s ability to cooperate and demonstrate good sportsmanship toward others;
  • to increase competence and confidence in each student’s movements and fitness levels;
  • to teach students the importance of fitness; and
  • to help students develop an acceptable level of fitness by involving them in regular, vigorous activity.

The guidelines for what to wear in a PE class are based on safety and effectiveness. Gym shoes with clean soles are required for participation in PE activities. A student who does not have regular gym shoes with shoelaces or Velcro may be excluded from class that day. Shoes that look like gym shoes but have a raised heel or platform, slide-on or have a sling-back, are not acceptable.


  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement without being overly baggy.
  • Don’t wear dresses or skirts. If necessary, shorts or pants may be added under a skirt or dress, but this is not recommended.
  • Wear a short-sleeve top or T-shirt under a sweater or sweatshirt for ventilation.
  • Leave dangling jewelry, watches, rings, chains and bracelets at home.
  • Roll up pants that hang below the shoes.

Junior High

  • Junior high locker rooms are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Students will not be changing into a PE uniform and should follow the elementary dress criteria.

Minor Injuries/Illnesses

A note from a parent or guardian explaining why the student should not participate is acceptable for one to three consecutive days. Any restriction for more than three consecutive days requires a note from the student’s doctor detailing the length and type of restriction.

Medical Limitations

A note from the student’s doctor should be given to the PE teacher and the school nurse. The note must specify the date a child may return to full activity. If the doctor is modifying participation, the note should specifically state the amount of activity or what the student can do.  For re-occurring medical incidents, such as asthma, the student (or a parent) is responsible for notifying the PE teacher and school nurse of flare-ups.

District 54 PE teachers and coaches participate in CPR/AED training and every District 54 school has an automated external defibrillator (AED). The Illinois High School Association and Illinois State Board of Education encourage everyone to learn hands-only CPR. IHSA CPR and AED video