District 54 administers a variety of assessments to measure student progress and help teachers understand each student’s areas of strength and weakness in order to provide appropriate instruction.

MAP Assessment

This fall we began testing kindergarten through eighth grade students using the virtual MAP assessment tool for the first time. Due to technical difficulties outside of our control, District 54 stopped virtual MAP testing for the fall. We want to thank students, staff and families for their hard work and patience as we worked through MAP testing.  Our classroom teachers will continue to gather valuable instructional data as they work with them over Zoom and through the activities your child completes. This daily assessment will ensure we know how to best instruct your child even without a MAP score.

Other Testing Dates

ACCESS: January 19 – March 2

DLM: March 10 – May 5

Early Learning Scale (Now called GOLD):  August 31-September 30,  January 4-29, May 3-14

Illinois Science Assessment (for fifth and eighth grade only): March 1-April 30

Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR): Not yet confirmed 

Measures of Academic Progress MAP: To be determined

STAMP and AAPPL: Not assessing for the 2020-2021 school year

For more information, contact Colette Bell, assistant superintendent of professional learning, at (847) 357-5043.