Substitute Expectations & Responsibilities


You must remain in the building during your assignment regardless of teacher’s plan/free time. You may not leave early.

You are expected to perform duties assigned to the staff member you are substituting for. This may include recess, junior high lunch supervision, bus duty, door duty or other supervisory assignments. These will be listed in the information you are given by the school at the beginning of your day.

If you are a District 54 lunch supervisor and are working in two different buildings in the same day, you may not fulfill your lunch supervisor duty for that day.

In the case of emergency school closing, you will get an email from SmartFind. You may also visit our district website or social media accounts.

Responsibilities and Professional Conduct

  • Dress appropriately: If you are substituting for a PE teacher, athletic type shoes and clothing should be worn. Otherwise, business casual dress is expected. Remember you are working with children so short skirts, bare midriff, spaghetti strapped tops, etc. are not appropriate.
  • Arrive early: Arrive at the assigned building at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your assignment to allow time to familiarize yourself with the lesson plans, classroom, etc.
  • Check in: When you arrive at your assignment, enter through the main entrance and check in with the school office. They will give you detailed instructions and/or a written folder outlining specific tasks for your assignment.
  • Be prepared: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures in every room and emergency exits prior to the start of your day. Become familiar with the district behavior management system (PBIS) prior to working.
  • Take attendance: Pay close attention when taking attendance and double check before reporting.
  • Use your resources: Be sure to contact the office if there is any concern with students health, injuries or escalated discipline issues. You are not responsible for handling these circumstances and should involve the office as needed. If you happen to get injured on the job, you are insured under Worker’s Compensation so be sure to report any personal injury to the school office.
  • Always supervise students: If you need to leave the room for any reason, notify the closest teacher or the office ‐ do not release students or send them to the hall without office permission.
  • Turn money into the office: If any student turns in money (field, trip, etc.), be sure it is turned in to the office at the end of the day ‐ do not leave it in the classroom overnight.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Absence management – 847-558-7491
  • District 54 Absence Line – 847-357-5082
  • North Cook ISC – 847-824-8300