Setting Up Your ParentSquare Account

What is ParentSquare?

District 54 uses a platform called ParentSquare to communicate with our families in a variety of ways. Principals use ParentSquare to email weekly newsletters, and to send alerts through phone calls and text messages for priority communications. The district will use ParentSquare to call, text and email parents/guardians with informational and emergency updates. New this year – District 54 staff also may be using ParentSquare for classroom communications.

Activate your ParentSquare Account

To activate your ParentSquare account, go to and enter the email or cell phone number you provided to your school. ParentSquare also has a free app available on the Apple Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Androids.

All parents/guardians have their own unique account to receive notifications from the district and school. Parents/guardians should not merge their accounts, as this may disrupt notification delivery. If one parent/guardian does not want to receive notifications, refer to the Notification Settings instructions below.

Verify Your Contact Information

After logging in, click on your name in the top, right corner of your screen and select My Account to see the contact information we have on file for you (in the mobile app, click the triple bar menu at the top left, select Account, then My Account). Contact your school to update any information that may need to be changed. ParentSquare offers translation to more than 100 languages. Each parent and guardian can choose their own language preference in My Account.

Notification Settings

You can control how and when you want to receive notifications from School District 54 and your children’s schools. Choose to receive your emails, texts and app notifications instantly or once a day in the evening (the Digest setting).

To update your notification settings from your computer, click your name at the top and select My Account; then click Notification Settings. To update via the mobile app, tap the triple bar menu at the top left, select Account and then Notifications. A few things to note:

  • You can only turn on text notifications if we have a working cell phone number on file for you and you can only turn on app notifications if you choose to download the app.
  • You cannot turn off Urgent Alerts, but these will only be sent in a true emergency situation.
  • The District 54 staff member sending the message can override the digest setting, and send you a message instantly in situations when the message cannot wait to be received in the evening (such as the cancellation of an after-school event or a delayed bus route).

Need more help?

Click the question mark icon (?) on the ParentSquare site or in the app.