March 4, 2022

District 54 is proud to announce the following students advanced to the state level for Reflections, a PTA writing and fine arts competition. The theme of the 2021-22 Reflections Program was “I Will Change the World.” District 54 students were able to submit an entry in any of the following six arts areas:  film production, dance choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.


  • Anabel M ., Grade 2, Fire Girl, Hoover
  • Andrea P., Grade 5, Faith in You, Fairview
  • Bhadra B., Grade 8, Ranjah, Keller
  • Diya C., Grade 2, I Can Change the World by Dance, Fairview
  • Maya S., Grade 5, Dance, Collins
  • Mahie S., Grade 3, Dance Monkey, Churchill
  • Meghan K., Grade 6, Second Chance, Collins


  • Atharv K., Grade 2, Being Responsible, Hoover
  • Ezra L., Kindergarten, Cure for Covid, Collins
  • Manit  J., Grade 1, Small Things Better World, Lincoln Prairie
  • Renaisha C., Grade 4, An Act of Kindness, MacArthur
  • Uma K., Grade 3 Plastic Pollution, Fairview
  • Urijah L., Grade 3, Cure for Cancer, Collins


  • Amelia J., Grade 6, Archie’s Smile, Hoover
  • Anahita K., Grade 2, I Will Change the World, Fairview
  • Bhadra B., Grade 8, Suhana’s Voice, Keller
  • Chloe  K., Grade 3, I Will Change the World by Keeping the Oceans Clean, Fairview
  • Eleanor C., Grade 5, Ripple, Hoover
  • George S., Grade 3, From NO To YES, Collins
  • Ria S., Grade 3, Helping the Homeless, Hoover
  • Shreya H., Grade 4, Save The Oceans, Churchill


  • Aitya K., Grade 6, Add Love Subtract Hate, Lincoln Prairie
  • Aitya K., Grade 6, Music Cures, Lincoln Prairie
  • Bianca Y., Grade 2 Evergreen, Hoover
  • Edmund S., Grade 8, Is Someone There Keller
  • Noah C., Grade 4, Music Of Nature, Lincoln Prairie
  • Olivia  K., Kindergarten, Kindness, Lincoln Prairie
  • Rishaan S., Grade 1, I Can Change the World, Lincoln Prairie


  • Ben K., Grade 5, Wildlife in Action, Lincoln Prairie
  • Ben K., Grade 5, The Giving Driftwood, Lincoln Prairie
  • Chinmay S., Grade 4, I Will Change the World by Plogging, Fairview
  • Henry M., Grade 4, Change Through Kindness, Dooley
  • Lakshmi J., Grade 7, Reflections, Eisenhower Jr High
  • Manit J., Grade 1, Sprinkling Positivity, Lincoln Prairie
  • Shaurya D., Grade 6, Fall – An Inspiration to Change, Fairview
  • Sonia K., Grade 5, Appreciate the Small Things, Collins
  • Wyatt H., Grade 6, Feed the World, MacArthur


  • Bhadra B., Grade 8, Futuristic, Keller
  • Gabriela  K., Grade 2, Respect the Nature, Churchill
  • Krithik P., Grade 5, Follow Good Ethics, Hoover
  • Violet A., Grade 3, Pollinators Are Cool, Churchill