April 1, 2022

The Illinois PTA named its outstanding administrator and teacher of the year this week, and both individuals work in School District 54.

  • Carrie Azab, the principal of the Early Learning Center, was named the Outstanding Administrator of the Year.
  • Julie Collier, a Title I Teacher at Stevenson Elementary School, was named the Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Carrie was nominated by ELC PTA President Barbara Quinn for her ability to connect with the students and families in her school, which enrolls more than 600 students each year. She was also praised for working closely with the PTA to create a strong partnership focused on family engagement.

“As all of the students attending the Early Learning Center are of preschool age, watching Ms. Azab interact with them gives clear evidence of her understanding that each child has specific needs to be met, and she goes above and beyond to do just that,” the nomination says. “In short, Ms. Azab embodies the PTA mission of meeting every child’s potential by engaging and empowering families to be successful advocates for their child.” 

Julie was nominated by Stevenson PTA President Cheryl Gleason who called her a “Stevenson superhero.” She was nominated for the personal connections she makes with students each day and for her strong support of the PTA.

“She always sees the best in students and she helps them open their eyes to see the best as well,” the nomination said. “She challenges them to foster goals and develop the key of ownership. Her positive mindset and whatever-it-takes attitude is contagious.”

Thank you to the Illinois PTA for celebrating these exceptional educators in School District 54.