World Languages

Students can select Spanish as a World Language elective at the junior high level.

Spanish 1 and Spanish 2

This two year course sequence corresponds to one year of high school level Spanish. Students learn to communicate on familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences. This highly participatory class builds a strong foundation for future language learning. Students who meet the learning outcomes of Spanish 1 and 2 are recommended to take Spanish 2 at the high school level.

Honors Spanish 1

Honors Spanish I allows students who speak Spanish at home or have previous experience learning Spanish to complete Spanish 1 and 2, a two-year elective sequence, at an accelerated rate. By condensing the course content into one year, students increase their opportunities to participate in other electives while still having the needed preparation to be successful in Spanish 2 or Spanish for Native Speakers courses offered in high school. Students interested in this course take a pre-assessment to qualify for course participation.

Pre-AP Spanish and Pre-AP Japanese

Students who have participated in the Spanish-English or Japanese-English dual language programs at the elementary school level participate in this advanced language course. The course curriculum aligns with the six College Board Advanced Placement themes with three themes taught each year. The curriculum enriches students’ oral language, grammar, literacy skills and cultural understanding.

  • Pre-AP Spanish is offered at Eisenhower, Frost, Keller and Mead. 
  • Pre-AP Japanese is offered at Addams.