English Learner Resource Program

Students that qualify for program services through an English language proficiency screening receive language support at their base school.

Students receive varying levels of language and content support based on their English proficiency level, as well as their academic and language needs. The majority of the instruction takes place in the general education classroom with push-in support from the English Learner (EL) resource teacher during guided reading or writing time.

Students with lower proficiency levels in English receive additional support from the EL teacher during a 30-45 minute pull-out time.  All students have the opportunity to receive an additional period of literacy and math-based acceleration during the school day based on the student’s individual needs.

Students benefit from learning English as a Second Language and through receiving academic support in both English and in their native language (as available). The native language of the student is used to support comprehension and to bridge concepts and vocabulary known in the first language to English.

The goal of the program is to help students transition into the general education classroom at high levels of social and academic English proficiency.

For more information about how English Learners are supported in District 54 and the testing process for incoming Kindergarten students, please watch the video in your preferred language:

English Learner Support Video (English)   English Learner Support Video (Spanish)

English Learner Support Video (Polish)   English Learner Support Video (Japanese)

English Learner Support Video (Hindi)

Please contact the Language and Culture Department if you need information about English Learner Support in another language different than those listed above.