Erin's Law

Erin’s Law was passed in January 2013 and requires all public schools to implement age-appropriate, prevention-oriented sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education for students in early childhood through twelfth grades. All District 54 employees are state-mandated reporters and are required to report allegations of abuse and/or neglect to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Parents can help students recognize and respond to unsafe situations. Parents should be available and children should know that no topic is “off limits” for discussion with parents. Additionally, parents should:

  • Talk to children about touching safety, private areas, and secrets
  • Empower children to say “no”, even to non-sexual touches if it makes the child uncomfortable
  • Be aware of who their child is spending time with
  • Monitor their child’s use of technology, as well as watch and listen to children’s behavior while on devices.


Be aware of warning signs of abuse:

  • Sudden nightmares or sleep problems 
  • Mood swings: rage, fear, withdrawal 
  • Changes in eating habits, such as loss of appetite 
  • New or unusual fears or specific people or places 
  • Changes in school performance or attendance 
  • Suddenly has money, toys or gifts without reason 
  • Reference to self as dirty, repulsive, or bad 
  • Lack of personal care or hygiene 
  • Risk-taking behaviors 
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviors


Resources for Parents

Parents can learn more about sexual abuse and how to support your child through the ISBE resource guide, Faith’s Law: Sexual Abuse Response and Preventionor through the resources linked below.

Local and State Agencies


National Agencies