District 54 Social Media Guidelines

District 54 social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) inform parents, staff and community members about our achievements, events and activities. This is not an open or public forum. We expect comments will be respectful, factual and constructive. Personal insults against any individual will be deleted, as will posts that violate the privacy of others or the social media platform’s rules. Comments not consistent with the purposes of our accounts will also be deleted. Examples include unauthorized commercial solicitations; posts that bully, intimidate or harass; content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or contains violence; or any post that is unlawful, misleading, vulgar, malicious or discriminatory, any posts that contain personally identifiable information, medical information or other confidential information, or if the comments interfere with the district including threatening posts or posts that endanger the health or safety of any students or employees. If more than one post by the same individual must be deleted, the district reserves the right to block that individual from our accounts. District 54 social media accounts are followed by students in our schools. It is our belief that we must model respectful and kind behavior on these accounts.