Gifted Services

District 54 provides services to students who are both academically talented and profoundly gifted. Educational opportunities are expanded through differentiated instruction and learning experiences.  Screening, eligibility and placement are determined through the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test as well as through cognitive abilities standardized testing.

Elementary Services

Elementary resource gifted services provide enrichment activities that support the general education curriculum.  Each elementary school has a full-time gifted teacher/enrichment coach.  Each week, the teachers will meet with students identified for gifted services in small group sessions or in classrooms for enrichment activities that extend beyond the curriculum.  They will also serve as enrichment coaches, collaborating with general education teachers on instructional strategies to support students in applying critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to provide depth and challenge to further learning.

Elementary gifted services begin in grade three and continue through grade six.  To qualify for elementary gifted services, students in grades two through five are first screened through the MAP test administered in September.  Students must achieve a score of 95% or above on the reading and math portions of the test.  Letters to parents who have children eligible for further testing are sent in November.  For these eligible students, an online cognitive skills test is administered in January.  Students are tested on the verbal and nonverbal portions of the test.  Parents are notified of the results by the middle of March.  For qualified students, gifted services begin the following school year.

Students in kindergarten through second grade who are achieving high scores on the MAP test and performing at high levels academically in the classroom will have scheduled enrichment/acceleration opportunities throughout the week in literacy and math.  High performing students in third grade through sixth grade may be flexed in and out of gifted instructional activities throughout the year depending on scheduling as well as the number of students identified for this additional acceleration.  These opportunities may occur during the grade-level enrichment block, as a push-into the classroom during literacy or math, or in a small group.

To qualify for the Magnet program, students in grades two through six must achieve a score of 98% or above on the reading and math portions of the MAP test taken in September and score at or above 130 on both the verbal and nonverbal portions of the cognitive skills test.  Students meeting these criteria will take a standardized intelligence test given individually by the school psychologist.  Students must score in the top two to three percent nationally to be eligible for this program. Student scores and eligibility are provided to parents by the end of April.  For qualified students, the Magnet program will begin the following school year.  Students who are tested for the Magnet program and do not meet the Magnet program criteria will receive gifted services through the building-based program.  Students who test for the Magnet program and are not eligible based on their standardized intelligence test scores will not be tested the following year, but may be tested every other year.  For example, if a second-grade student tested for the Magnet program and was found not eligible the next opportunity the student can test is in fourth grade.  Magnet students in third through sixth grade who demonstrate profound giftedness through the district testing program attend Campanelli School.

Junior High Services

Junior high services consist of enrichment in the core classes of language arts, social studies and science.  This service, known as Discovery, is aligned to District 54 curriculum and Essential Outcomes and is taught at an advanced rate.  Sixth-grade students are screened through the September MAP test and must achieve a score of 95% or above on the reading portion of the test.  All students currently receiving building-based gifted services are automatically eligible for testing into this program.  Eligible students will then take a cognitive skills test in January and must score in the top five percent in either the verbal or the nonverbal portion of the test to be eligible.  Parents are notified of the results by the middle of March.

Magnet classes are located at Mead Junior High for students who continue on from the elementary Magnet program.

Both Discovery services and the Magnet program are considered two-year programs at the junior high.  No further testing for these programs will occur after sixth grade.

In unusual circumstances, when a child does not meet the requirements for gifted services in the district, a parent may request an appeal.  Appeals of the fall MAP scores must be submitted by October 31, 2014.  Appeals of the cognitive assessment given in January must be submitted by March 17, 2015.  These appeals need to be sent to Paul or may be mailed to

Paul Goldberg, Assistant Superintendent
524 E. Schaumburg Road
Schaumburg, IL  60194

Students New to District 54

Only students who move into the school district and received gifted services at their previous school will be considered for gifted service eligibility upon registration.   New students to the district must meet District 54’s gifted eligibility requirements.  Upon moving into the district, parents will need to register their student at their base school.  Upon receipt of gifted records from the previous school, District 54 will determine if the student is eligible for services or needs further assessment to determine eligibility.  No outside private evaluations are accepted for any District 54 gifted service or programs.


Paul Goldberg, Assistant Superintendent of District Improvement
Cheryl Knox, District Improvement Administrative Assistant
at (847) 357-5051