iPads at Home


Kindergarten through second-grade students will take their district-issued iPad home every day. This informational sheet will provide need-to-know information about the iPad as a take-home device. 


  • The iPad should be charged each evening using the provided wall charger to ensure it is fully charged for the following school day. 
  • Chargers should remain at home.


  • Students will connect the iPad to their WiFi or mobile hotspot at home.
  • For a tutorial on how to connect to WiFi, please visit www.bit.ly/54ipadwifi 


  • The iPad should remain in its case at all times.
  • The iPad should be placed in a safe location when not in use.
  • Keep food and liquids away when using your iPad.
  • Liquids should never be placed in a backpack with an iPad.
  • Do not use sharp objects near or on the iPad.
  • Avoid placing weight directly on the iPad.
  • Use only a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the iPad.
  • Your child should carefully transport the iPad to and from school each day.


  • The iPad should be used for instructional purposes only.
  • Apps cannot be downloaded at home.
  • When not in use, the iPad cover should be closed to protect the screen and extend battery life.

Damage/ Technical Difficulties

  • Please email [email protected] if you experience damage or technical difficulties with your student’s iPad.  Please include:
    • Student Name/ ID Number
    • School
    • Detailed description of the issue