November 4, 2021

District 54 hosted a COVID-19 vaccination clinic, in partnership with Jewel-Osco, on Nov. 10 with the second dose on Dec. 1. The available appointments filled up within hours of District 54 sending the email notifying families.

Therefore, we are grateful to Jewel-Osco for offering District 54 the opportunity to host another COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Wednesday, November 17, for families who could not register for the Nov. 10 clinic. You must register in advance to attend this clinic using the email in the link sent to all families. Appointments are limited and tend to fill quickly.

This vaccination event is for students in our community ages 5 -11 only. the vaccine is a different dose for ages 5-11, so Osco cannot accommodate anyone outside this age group.

This clinic is only for individuals getting their first dose. Osco is not offering second doses or booster shots at this clinic. If your child received their first dose at the District 54 vaccine clinic on Nov. 10, they are automatically signed up for the second dose on Dec. 1 at the same time and location. If you sign your child up for their first dose on Nov. 17. They will automatically be signed up for their second dose on Dec. 8 at the same time and place. Please ONLY sign up if your child is able to be present for both the first and second dose dates.

Parents/guardians should accompany their child to the clinic on Nov. 17 at the District 54 Professional Learning Center, 522 E. Schaumburg Road in Schaumburg.  In addition, the parent/guardian must complete and sign the COVID-19 Consent Form (Spanish Consent Form) for each child.

Additional Information

  • Jewel-Osco cannot guarantee a second dose if the recipient is not available both days.
  • Please bring the completed, signed consent form, as well as the parent or guardian’s ID and insurance card. Individuals without insurance are still able to attend. There is no cost for this vaccine.
  • Vaccine recipients should wear vaccine appropriate clothes (short sleeves) to expedite the process.
  • Although you choose a time, remember this is a clinic and not a personal appointment. There are other children scheduled for the same time. Please be patient and understand that any lines you experience are due to some children being anxious when getting a shot.

Again, only individuals ages 5-11 are eligible for this vaccine clinic. If your child turns 5 years old after November 17, you have an older child  or you are unavailable to bring your child on November 17 and December 8, please refer to the links below for other vaccination opportunities.

Links to Other Locations

Where can I learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine?