October 21, 2021

Public Comment:
District 54 received zero online public comments and one in-person public comment related to wearing masks at school.

The School Board learned more about the Elevate after-school tutoring program through tonight’s 54Promise Video.

Freedom of Information Act:
District 54 received and replied to seven Freedom of Information Act requests since the last report to the Board. Click here to access the board memo with specifics of the requests.

Consent Agenda: 
The School Board approved the following items on the Consent Agenda.

  • The minutes of the regular and closed-session Board of Education meetings on Sept. 16, 2021
  • The minutes of the special open and closed-session Board of Education meetings on Sept. 29, 2021
  • Resignations, retirement and employment of personnel
  • Checks dated Sept. 24 and Oct. 8, 2021
  • The treasurer’s report on cash and investments for August 2021
  • The monthly update of revenues and expenditures for September 2021
  • District 54’s application for the ARP-LEA American Rescue Plan Grant (ESSER III)
  • The purchase of 3D printers and audio systems
  • A request to the Illinois Department of Transportation for the approval of one additional safety hazard for busing
  • The release of the minutes from 12 closed-session board meetings held in 2021.
  • The destruction of the verbatim records of the closed-session board meetings on April 16, 2020, for which approved minutes already exist

Cabinet Reports

  • Whole Child Success: 
    District 54 has launched a new Elevate Student Success tutoring program this year to target any unlearned content as a result of the pandemic. Students identified as needing support in math are meeting twice a week after school with District 54 staff for the next 10 weeks. In addition, District 54 is focused on the social-emotional well-being of students through weekly social-emotional lessons, social workers and psychologists at each school, an SEL survey for each student and a focus on strong relationships to best support students. For more information on the Elevate program, watch the video below.
  • Science Task Force: 
    A District 54 Science Task Force with 55 participants from across the district has been formed to evaluate potential new, updated science curricular materials. 
  • Data Retreat: 
    In September, District 54 school teams spent a day analyzing their fall MAP results and cultural assessment data to determine their school improvement goals and action steps for the year.
  • Special Education Overview: 
    District 54 remains a leader in supporting students with disabilities, as evidenced by the number of families who move here for those services. As always, the goal continues to be supporting student success in the least restrictive environment.
  • English Learner Update: 
    In the spring, District 54 assessed 2,231 students for language proficiency. Students demonstrated high levels of growth in English development. Since 2015, District 54 has offered an after-school targeted writing program for English learners to further grow their language abilities. 
  • Communication Overview: 
    District 54 shared data regarding the various modes of communication used to connect with our students, families, staff and our community. In the past two years, District 54 has redesigned its website and launched a new rapid notification system, as we continue to find ways to enhance our communications. 

District Citizens’ Advisory Committee Report:
Board Member Barbara Hengels shared that DCAC heard a presentation on social-emotional learning.

Illinois Association of School Boards Report:
Board President Mary Kay Prusnick asked the School Board for feedback on any of the resolutions being considered by the IASB delegate assembly in November.

New Business: 

  • The Board approved the amended 2021-22 Calendar
  • The Board approved District 54’s membership in the National School Boards Association for 2022.
  • The Board approved a resolution estimating the 2021 tax levy at $192,230,892.
  • The Board had the first reading of the following policies:
    • 2:150 – Board Committees (revised)
    • 2:220 – School Board Meeting Procedure (revised), and
    • 7:345 – Protection of Student Personal Information Online (new).
  • The Board approved the appointment of Cynthia Gordon as Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for the 2022-2023 school year.


  • Board members thanked employees who facilitated conferences this month and those who maintain our buildings as exceptional environments for learning.
  • They also praised the Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs for hosting a virtual evening of self-care as part of its fall general meeting, and the Northwest Cook Region (District 37) PTA for its online fall awards presentation.

The Board adjourned at 8:36 p.m. to enter closed session for employment/appointment matters, legal matters and collective negotiating matters.