Language and Culture

The goal of the District 54 Language and Culture Department is the same as the goal of the rest of our district: we want all students to feel valued and welcomed, and to know that they belong.


The Multicultural Parent Advisory Council invites you to attend “Understanding ACCESS Scores” at 6:30 p.m. on September 30. Join us to learn what ACCESS scores tell you about your child’s learning, ways to prepare for your child’s conference and tips for effective communication with your child’s teacher. Additional sessions will be available at the end of the meeting in Gujarati, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. Register here: Understanding ACCESS Scores Zoom Registration

Welcome and Assessment Center

In an effort to provide appropriate instruction for all students, the state of Illinois requires that any student who speaks a language other than English or lives in a home where a language other than English is spoken be given an English language screening assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to determine if the student qualifies for the English Learner (EL) support program.

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English Learner (EL) Resource Program

Students that qualify for program services through an English language proficiency screening receive language support at their base school.

Students receive varying levels of language and content support based on their English proficiency level, as well as their academic and language needs. The majority of the instruction takes place in the general education classroom with push-in support from the English Learner (EL) resource teacher during guided reading or writing time.

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Dual Language and Immersion

Dual Language and Immersion are programs of choice that are available for all students in District 54. Dual Language classes at the elementary level are composed of approximately 50% English or other language proficient students and 50% Spanish or Japanese-proficient students. Chinese Immersion is a one-way immersion experience where the vast majority of students have no prior experience or proficiency in the Chinese language. Dual Language and Chinese Immersion teachers and the English partner teachers foster high academic achievement by teaching the two target languages through content. These programs seek to develop academic and cultural competence and bilingualism for students from kindergarten through eighth grad

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World Languages

Students can select Spanish as a World Language elective at the junior high level. Classes include Spanish 1 and 2, Honors Spanish 1, and Pre-AP Spanish and Japanese.

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Multicultural Parent Advisory Council

You are invited to be a part of the Multicultural Parent Advisory Council (MPAC), a group of parents, community members and staff who work together to support students in the District 54 English Learner (EL) program and their families. 

The goals of MPAC are

  • To provide programmatic advice and recommendations to the Department of Language and Culture;
  • To provide leadership and support to families of students in the District 54 English learner program;
  • To serve as a communication link between District 54 staff and families; and 
  • To plan and help implement parent education and involvement activities to support teaching and learning activities of all District 54 students.