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Hoover student recognized in IEPA poetry contest

Syed Azhar Ahmed, a student at the Hoover Math & Science Academy, received an honorable mention for his poem in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 33rd Annual Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest for fifth and sixth grade students across Illinois.

Through the program, participating schools study environmental concepts with an emphasis on the current year’s environmental theme.  This year’s theme, Algae: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…How Can You Keep Your Local Pond Healthy? focused on understanding how algae affect waterbodies in both good and bad ways, and learning how to prevent nutrient runoff to help maintain healthy water ecosystems.

This is Syed’s poem.


My fellow compatriot, who walks upon this land.

Help me save our dear homeland!

Pray, fellow compatriot, take heed,

The waters of this land are indeed in great need!

They have been corrupted by a moss most green

Snuffing out all life marine!

Ponds and lakes, big and small,

This algae is killing all!

Those who choose indifference, to them fie!

Yet those who want change, do not turn a blind eye.

Help the earth, your home and safe place,

Or you will be fighting for land, with more than a mace.


My fellow compatriot, who walks upon this land.

There is much you can do to save our beautiful homeland!

When you see that pond, filled with algae,

It will surely make you feel nostalgy,

Twas’ once the home of many fish,

Alas! Many would like it to return, but they can only wish.


My fellow compatriot, who walks upon this land,

If you help us now, in debt is this land!

Plant flowering life

It will surely help the wildlife.

Plant trees

They will sway in the breeze.

All that manure and septic waste,

Make sure it’s safe, and do it posthaste.

All your soaps and cleaning products,

Algae it constructs!


My fellow compatriot, who walks upon this land,

Truly I am indebted to your helping hand.

The algae is gone; Beaten into submission.

My tenacious land, cheers on reversing that doomed transition.