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Junior Journalist Update from Frost – By Aishani W.

April at Frost was a month filled with tests. Some could even call it Academic April. During the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, the teachers really helped with relaxing the students and encouraging them to try their best and not give up.

One such teacher was  math teacher Mrs. Corriveau. Every day since the beginning of the year, she has had a positive attitude toward each and every student and tries to help out their learning in any way possible. So when she gave us gum to chew while we took our tests, we were not surprised because she always tries to make her students feel as comfortable as they can in the learning environment.

Another teacher who showed the key of flexibility through the testing period was science teacher, Mr. Christopoulos. We missed science for a few days due to IAR testing, but Mr. Christopoulos made sure we weren’t missing out on any challenging curriculum and that we understood what we were learning.

April 26 was Fun at Frost Night. I’m sure most of us remember when we first stepped foot in our future junior high, which is exactly how the sixth-graders must have felt. They had fun taking a tour of the school led by the Frost Student Ambassadors. The incoming seventh-graders also had a great time hanging out with their future peers by engaging in games dealing with cooperation. Overall, Academic April has been a blast!