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Brief for the Board meeting on April 18, 2019

Before the meeting, the School Board honored the students whose artwork was chosen for display in the board room. Click here to view a slideshow with the artwork.

During the meeting, the School Board recognized

  • Keller student Armando Gomez who won the 2019 Outstanding Student Technology Award from the Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalition Center,
  • Mead student Dhruv Patel who took fifth place in the Illinois You Be the Chemist Competition and
  • Teams of students from Frost, Mead and Lincoln Prairie for awards they received at the National Fluid Power Challenge.

Public Comment: No one asked to speak.

Consent Agenda:  The School Board approved the following items on the Consent Agenda.

  • The minutes of the regular and closed-session school board meetings on April 4, 2019
  • The resignations, leaves and retirement of personnel
  • Checks dated April 12, 2019
  • The treasurer’s report on cash and investments for February 2019
  • The monthly update of revenues and expenditures for March 2019
  • A contract for summer moves at three locations
  • A resolution authorizing the sale by sealed bid of vacant land on the corner of Thacker Street and Verde Drive
  • The purchase of computer assessment software for MAP and AAPPL
  • The purchase of junior high world language instructional materials
  • The purchase of technology equipment, licensing and support
  • The amended school calendar with Thursday, June 6 being the last day of school (this will be a half-day of attendance)
  • The destruction of the verbatim records of the closed-session school board meeting held on Oct. 5, 2017 for which approved minutes already exist

Superintendent’s Report:
Superintendent Andy DuRoss shared two #WeAre54 videos. Click on each name to watch the videos about Keller student Armando Gomez and Hoover teacher George Schaupp.

Board President Report:
Board President Mary Kay Prusnick announced that the school board will have its reorganization meeting at 6 p.m. on April 25. Mary Kay Prusnick, Bill Harper and Barb Hengels were re-elected on April 2 and will take the oath of office at the meeting. Afterward, the board will elect officers. Prusnick thanked the school board and administration for supporting her during her term as president.

District Citizens’ Advisory Committee Report:
Board Member Barbara Hengels reported that DCAC received an update on the District 54 Education Foundation and Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum.

District 54 Foundation Report:
Board Secretary Bob Kaplan announced the Foundation was honored to be recognized as the Volunteer Organization of the Year from the Village of Schaumburg. He also encouraged everyone to support the Foundation by eating at Global Gyros on April 23; eating at Lou Malnati’s on May 1; and participating in the golf outing on June 10. Click here for more information on all of these Foundation fundraisers.

New Business: 

  • The Board approved the purchase of Creative Curriculum, a new Early Learning Center curriculum.
  • The Board approved revisions to the following policies:
    • 4:110(d) – Transporting Students on Field Trips,
    • 4:150 – Environmentally Safe Schools,
    • 4:170(b) – Standardized School Crisis Plan and
    • 4:110(c) – Vehicle Accident Procedures.
  • The Board appointed Lisa Garza as the assistant principal at MacArthur International Spanish Academy for the 2019-20 school year.


  • Board members thanked the SEA and SEEO for inviting them to the annual meeting on April 15, with guest speakers Cook County Commissioner Kevin Morrison and Illinois Education Association President Kathi Griffin.

Adjournment: The Board adjourned at 7:58 p.m.