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Junior Journalist Update from Lincoln Prairie – By Sophia S.

The parking lot is overflowing with cars. Excited families crowd the halls, eager to see their children’s hard work. Every single classroom is filled with final products, showcasing the projects students have created over the course of 14 weeks. Everything from interactive activities to performances are present. What scene is being described, you ask? None other than the Lincoln Prairie EXPO.

EXPO, which is short for exposition, was the big event of the 2018-2019 school year. At Lincoln Prairie, the big events are on a three-year rotation. They are EXPO, a school musical and WITWILP (Where In The World Is Lincoln Prairie). For each of these, different Project Development Times (PDTs) are created in order to delve into different things related to the events. These PDTs are classes where different grade levels work together to complete projects. The main focus of the PDTs can vary from the arts to science. Since the theme of the 2018-19 school year is “Inspiration,” the PDTs created work meant to inspire others.

After many weeks of creating and perfecting, Lincoln Prairie hosted the infamous EXPO on March 13: a one night only event where each student’s final product is displayed. There were scheduled performance times for those with a dance, mini musical or comedy skit they wanted to share. The groups who were not performing were provided with a room to exhibit their projects, meant to model a convention. Students in that PDT decorated the rooms to fit what they were learning. The final products are then showcased in an elaborate way. For example, the silent movie PDT decorated their room to look like a movie theater and that group had the movies they made playing on a projector.

The purpose of EXPO is to celebrate all the hard work students have put in to completing their final projects. Inspiration can come in so many different forms, which was extremely apparent during EXPO. Best of all, the teachers were so inspired that they cleaned everything up for us!