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Junior Journalist Update from Eisenhower – By Sadhika V.

All the teachers and staff at Eisenhower Junior High are amazing and dedicated to helping their students excel at schoolwork, and they go to extreme measures to ensure student success. They help their students be the best versions of themselves and encourage them to pursue their goals. They support and empower seventh- and eighth-graders in their decisions. Mrs. Martin, the beloved orchestra teacher at Eisenhower, is a super teacher who made a student’s year when she did something that changed that student’s life.

“I had a student who lived in an apartment and she wasn’t allowed to practice, but she loved the violin and loved to practice. Her neighbors were complaining and her mom came to me and explained her situation,” Mrs. Martin said. “I let her stay late after school and got to know her and after a while I bought her a practice mute. It let her practice and made the sound real soft. I told her to go to the bathroom where all the tiles would silence the sound and now she’s a great high school violin player.”

Mrs. Martin upheld the District 54 Promise by ensuring her student had all the materials she needed to benefit from playing the violin.

In addition to being an amazing orchestra teacher, Amanda Martin has played in a quartet for 15 years that performs for weddings and holidays. She has also been on TV for a wedding competition.

“Playing in the quartet, it’s nice to get out in the community. My claim to fame was when I was on a wedding channel where you have to compete to see who had the best wedding,” she told me.

Mrs. Martin said she wants to do whatever she can to help kids.

“At first, I went to school to become a veterinarian. Playing an instrument was just for fun. Performing, I got bored and thought ‘When’s it going to be over?’ Then I helped conduct a junior high orchestra. I thought, this is the coolest thing ever! Yes! This is it! This is what I’m passionate about!” Mrs. Martin said. “I want to help kids to have the same feeling. To find what they’re passionate about.”

“If you had told me when I was in junior high that I was going to teach junior high orchestra, I wouldn’t have believed you,” she added.

In her free time, Mrs. Martin leg presses and runs. Recently, she hit her 6.3 mile goal. She also helps coach her son’s tee ball team and plays in the quartet. Mrs. Martin is truly an amazing teacher and deserves to be recognized for all she does for her students. When it comes to helping kids, she is a definite role model.                                                           

Everything we do in District 54 is to fulfill the 54 Promise to ensure student success academically, socially and emotionally. We believe every child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. For their March article we asked our Junior Journalists to write about a staff member who is fulfilling the 54 Promise.