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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Shreya P.

Fall is leaving us and winter is coming along swiftly. All students at Keller are awaiting their winter break that is right around the corner. During this free time, think about getting out there in the community. Spread a little joy and thanks to those who are sick or have lost a loved one, or even simply reconnect with someone you may know. Sometimes the best way to touch others and impact their lives is to help them out. Volunteering somewhere near you can be the first step.

One way to assist others is paying a visit to a senior citizen home nearby. Friendship Village of Schaumburg is filled with thousands of patients who can’t take care of themselves, are coming to the end of their life, may be very sick and need help, or don’t want to live by themselves. You can call the front desk and set up a time with a coordinator to volunteer and lend a giving hand. Sometimes the best part of the holidays is helping those around you more than you help yourself. You never know when you can put a smile on someone else’s face, but when you can, be sure to take the chance.

Another way you can make an impact is visiting Feed My Starving Children here in Schaumburg. Not all kids and their families get to sit around a table and tell each other what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving. Some families in other countries are struggling not only to feed themselves, but their children too. It is heartbreaking to see that they cannot tell each other what they’re thankful for because they aren’t as fortunate as some of us. They are in extreme need of help before time runs out. Children are malnourished and are dying of many disorders as the outcome. You can always call in to the front desk to set up a time to help. Pack bags of food for those who aren’t as fortunate and learn a good lesson that you need to be thankful for the life you’re given.

It is time to enjoy your break. Maybe take your family to help. It is never too late to make a difference in your community.  Be thankful for the peers, teachers, parents and everything else you are passionate about in life. There is always a time and place to show gratitude toward others around you. Engaging in the happiness advantage can be a daily thing in your life and will lead you to go beyond wonderful places in life. Lend a helping hand and get out there!