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Junior Journalist Update from Frost – By Aishani W.

The first half of October held an everlasting experience for most Frost students. There were many sentimental thoughts and moments shared as well as some joyous and rewarding ones. But even more memories were about to come, with the first ever Halloween “Boo Bash” in the Frost gym on October 26 for all Frost students and an orchestra and band concert to showcase all that we had learned so far in our daily lessons.

Last month for anti-bullying month, we had an assembly that addressed the matter of bullying. There was a guest speaker that shared some experiences that he had with his own child who had committed suicide at a young age, due to the amount of hatred he had received by his peers. This shows how much the words that we say to others might impact and lead them toward this path in life. The emotions that were shown by the audience were signs that we felt like we needed to make a difference in someone’s life. Mr. Smalley, our guest speaker, had told us his story so now it was our turn to share ours. Within our advocacy class that was held shortly after the assembly, the students shared some of their own experiences with bullying and some even with a close relative of theirs that committed suicide. Overall, this topic was a tough but well needed one since many people do not understand how much one word can mean to someone.

On a happier note, the girl’s basketball tournament finals were held in the Frost gym on October 16. After fighting a tough battle against the Mead Mustangs, the seventh-graders earned fourth place while the eighth-grade girls took home the title of second place and the tournament champion runners-up. Great job Frost Spartans! During the game, I realized something very important. This would be the last game that I would ever play in with these same exact people. That thought just crushed me. Basketball is a big part of my life and the bond that I have created with this group of girls is like a second family to me. That is when I realized how much of an important role the key of “This Is It” played in my life. The key teaches us to live our life as it each day were our last and to make the most of every moment because this time in your life will never come back again. This is when I understood the true meaning that this key held in my life.

On October 23 there was an orchestra concert at Schaumburg High School. This concert showcased the many songs that eighth-graders had learned so far in the year. We also played a piece of music with the freshmen of Schaumburg High School. This let us fellow Spartan Strings know how much we have to practice to become star musicians like the Saxons.

This year, Frost held a Halloween dance or “Boo Bash” on October 26. There were a lot of fun games and prizes to win, and even a costume competition. The Frost Spartans  had a blast at the dance and continued to have a great time throughout the entire month!