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Junior Journalist Update from Addams

Abby W.

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, all the students at Addams learned about happiness and what it means to be orange. Throughout the year we kept learning how to be happy and relieve stress. The first thing we learned about was the doubler. The doubler was an activity where we got a journal app and wrote about our positive experiences as much as possible. This helped us to be more positive even if our day had been really bad. Another activity that we did was meditation. We meditated every Friday morning to help us clear our minds and start our last day of the week off well.

The one that helped me the most and the one I liked the best was meditation because whenever I was stressed about an upcoming test or when I had lots of homework, meditation helped me clear my mind. When I meditated I moved the stuff that I stressed about to the side, closed my eyes and tried to focus on relaxing my muscles and clearing my mind. One thing I tried to think about when I mediated was all the stuff that was positive about the day or how I could turn the thing that was stressing me out into something I could worry less about.

In the beginning of the year I was kind of worried about coming to a new school and I was kind of skeptical about “being orange,” but after the first lesson it helped a little bit with the transition. Knowing how to be happy helped everyone start the school year off right and to be a better person.

Ryan K.

As the school year comes to a close, Addams students are tasked with a 21-day challenge with the goal of increasing and improving happiness. Ranging from tasks like journaling to meditation, the students have been practicing numerous techniques known to reduce stress and help the mind. It started in the beginning of the year, with students learning new ways to cope and deal with stress, and how it could be turned around and made into happiness. It is now ending with students knowing new mechanisms and tactics, ready to start their next year of school.