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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – by Ryan K.

As the year comes to a close, the eighth graders are required to write a speech that will reflect on their year as a whole. They need to be speaking for the whole class, only able to include personal anecdotes a few times in the entire speech. The students need to read their speech out loud to their Language Arts class to receive a grade, but if they are confident enough, they may be chosen to read their speech at graduation. Out of the three hundred and something eighth grade students, there are only two per teacher that will be considered. When those students are chosen, they need to read their speech again, this time reading it in front of all the Language Arts teachers. Only three of the students that are chosen are able to speak at graduation: someone who will read a welcome speech, a pledge of allegiance speech, and of course someone who can read their own speech. Speeches took an extremely long time to write, and the speech that is chosen will reflect the entire class of 2018. Eighth grade graduation in District 54 is on Thursday, May 24.