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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Josh H.

It is easy to walk through the halls and think everyone is mostly the same. However, it is important to see that everyone has a specific talent of their own. Due to this, the Keller community is always trying to showcase all the amazing people in the school. Insert the Annual Keller Junior High Talent Show here! This year’s show is set for Wednesday, May 23. Everyone knows the idea of a talent show, students walking on stage, singing, dancing, and performing magic tricks! However, not everyone knows what goes into planning the show or the effort that goes in behind the scenes. First let’s look at what everyone sees, the performers.

Practice makes perfect. It is a common saying, but how do the performers practice? I asked Francesca F. this question and she told me that her group “all practices at home and during art club, [school organized] practices and sometimes when I call Izzy is when we practice together.” Izzy being Isabella C., another member of her group and another person who helped me learn about what the show is like. She told me about the stress load that the event puts on the participants. She said that “Just having the fear of making a mistake while performing and just thinking about how many people [are going to be there]”. Even though there will inevitably be stress, both Francesca and Izzy believe the experience had been a positive one. These students are not the first to be involved in such a show.

In fact when I asked Mrs. Angel about the history of the talent show, she told me that they “have almost always had a show in the 11 years I’ve been at Keller.” In fact, nine out of the 11 years she had been teaching at Keller they have had a show. She explained to me that before her involvement in the show, the past seven years there was a two-year intermission where the show did not go on. Before that a different group of teachers directed the show. But some people don’t know what else goes on behind the scenes at a show like this. You know of the cast and the actors, but most don’t know about the crew; these are the people who run the people running the spotlights, working microphones or moving props. Practicing for the show is complicated, so I will just let Mrs. Angel explain.

She describes it as such: “We run two or three tech rehearsals in the gym (or in a classroom) with the cast and crew so crew members know what equipment each act needs (microphones, music stands, etc.), what the acts are, the order of acts, and how to seamlessly transition from act to act. This helps us gather all necessary materials ahead of time. Crew members who have specific roles, like running the spotlights or videotaping, can practice using their equipment during the tech rehearsals, as well. These rehearsals are in preparation for the dress rehearsal-which is a full run of the show in the gym, after school, and the day before the performance. Before the dress rehearsal, the custodians set up the stage and the directors set up the backdrop. Mr. Gear helps us out by running the soundboards during dress rehearsal and the performance so the audience has the best possible audio.” As you can see, there is much more work that is happening than it appears on the surface.