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Junior Journalist Update from Eisenhower – by Rylee J.

Here’s a quick update on your Eisenhower Eagles! Last month students were working hard at PARCC testing. The day seems to go by so much quicker once you’ve done your best at another unit of testing. Since everyone was working so hard, Eisenhower held a Disco Dodgeball Day on May 2. Students turned in red tickets to form a team of 10 friends and the song of their choice to play dodgeball against some of our strongest teachers. The half day was a blast.

Also, one of Ike’s students has won the title of best author in the state for grades 6-8 in the reading contest Letters for Literature. Can you guess who? Me! Rylee J. a.k.a myself, collected her prize from secretary of state, Jesse White, in Springfield, Illinois on April 30 with family and even some of the staff to support. The letter is published and available to read at their home website. That’s all the news from this month at Ike. Hope you enjoyed!