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District 54 students wow judges at eighth annual Spanish Speech Contest

The two groups of student winnersDistrict 54 hosted the final round of its eighth annual Spanish Speech Contest May 3 at MacArthur International Spanish Academy. Third- through eighth-grade students from around the district applied to participate. Contestants were divided into two categories: native Spanish-speakers and students who speak Spanish as a second language. Congratulations to the following winners.

Third- and fourth-grade native Spanish-speakers

  • Julian P., MacArthur, first place
  • Carlota T., Link, second place
  • Jay R., Churchill, third place

Third- and fourth-grade Spanish-as-a-second-language speakers

  • Charlotte R., Dooley, first place
  • Marissa S., Link, second place
  • Neena S., Link, third place

Fifth- and sixth-grade native Spanish-speakers

  • Bryanna F., Hanover Highlands, first place
  • Alexa G., MacArthur, second place
  • Juan L., Armstrong, third place

Fifth- and sixth-grade Spanish-as-a-second-language speakers

  • Maya C., Link, first place
  • Veronica C., MacArthur, second place
  • Cailee C., Hanover Highlands, third place

Seventh-grade native Spanish-speakers

  • Natalia M., Frost, first place
  • Julian T., Frost, second place
  • Jessica L., Frost, third place

Seventh-grade Spanish-as-a-second-language speakers

  • Carlos M., Mead, first place
  • Eleanor F., Frost, second place
  • Gianna L., Keller, third place

Eighth-grade native Spanish-speakers

  • Susana R., Eisenhower, first place
  • Alejandra D., Frost, second place
  • Fatima G., Keller, third place

Eighth-grade Spanish-as-a-second-language speakers

  • Zachary M., Frost, first place
  • Olivia B., Frost, second place
  • Julia C., Eisenhower, third place

Volunteer judges were Sam Aguirre, Danette Meyer, Gabriel Mendoza, Roberto Garcia, Susana Guardia and Rosie Hernandez. Members of the selecting committee were Cinzia Bellarosa, Calinda Gomez, Rosie Hernandez, Tracy Meisinger and Gabriela Perez.