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Armstrong team selected to present at TECH 2018

A team of students from Armstrong School has been selected to represent District 54 at TECH 2018 on May 10 at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield.

John Blaszko and three sixth-grade students will present a classroom technology project. Blaszko’s students programmed a custom code to make an animated emoji, which they showed on a mini Jumbotron. The project began with students writing code to have one word show on the screen. As they advanced in their coding knowledge, they created a scrolling message, followed by a custom-animated emoji and finally a figure that dances.

A total of 103 school teams from throughout Illinois were selected to participate in the day-long TECH 2018 event to which elected officials, business leaders and the general public are invited. Participating school teams are provided tables in the Capitol Building to share their project with visitors to the event.

According to the TECH 2018 website, “TECH 2018 highlights the crucial role that technology plays in education – ranging from increases in collaboration and critical thinking, to promoting learning beyond the limits of the school day – by creating a space for students to share their learning and innovative uses of devices, the internet and digital curriculum.” For more information about TECH 2018, visit