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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Shreya P.

The Keller girls volleyball team playsMarch was very active for our Wildcats. First off, we want to congratulate the seventh grade girls’ volleyball team for finishing in fourth place after a rough, well battled season. We would also like to recognize our eighth grade team for their tremendous work and progression throughout this season. That’s one sports season over, as we now enter the next. We have track and field season coming up and we are more than excited to compete with other District 54 junior high schools. Students are continuously reminded of how to balance all school work and activities with their busy schedules…simply put, turn in your work on time. Our Wildcats are charged up and ready to run and jump onto our track.

Next, we had an outstanding Career Fair hosted on March 7. We would like to thank all of the volunteers for coming out andStudents listen as a career day visitor presents sharing their professional paths with us. It was a pleasure for them to join us and take time out of their day to educate us. Some of the favorites this year were the emergency room doctor and nurse. They had some marvelous stories to share. Next we had a hairdresser. She talked about being a cosmetologist, which is someone who works on nails, hair, and facial beauty.  This profession caught a lot of students’ eyes. These presentations helped many students think about the near future.

Following that, we had a McTeacher Night on March 8. Keller teachers dressed up as a scrumptious apple pie and worked in the drive-through at our local McDonald’s in Hoffman Estates.  We had our teacher “band” hand in their dry-erase markers and trade up for instruments while they jammed out for everyone in attendance. We had Mr. Gear, Ms. Musicians perform at McTeacher NightSorensen, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Edwards, and Ms. Neofotistos who made the music “pop” that night. Way to work that music teachers!

At last, spring break is arriving. We all have concentrated so hard lately to get our work done and turned in on time. Each and every Wildcat deserves time for rejuvenation. Some type of traveling, hanging out with friends, or spring cleaning are some suggested ideas to get you through this week. Sit back and unwind, but “don’t lose your minds” as our principal, Mr. Barbini, says. That just about wraps up our hectic month here at Keller Junior High!