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Junior Journalist Update from Eisenhower – By Rylee J.

The best way to kick off this new year is to remember how we gave back in the last one. Mr.Kissamas’s eighth grade discovery class took a field trip before winter break to Gigi’s Playhouse. I interviewed one of the students to get an eagle-eye view of what the experience was like.

Q: What is your name and grade?
A: Treasa R., I’m in eighth grade.

Q: What did your class do before winter break?
A: A field trip to Gigi’s Playhouse and their cafe Hugs and Mugs.

Q: How did you get there?
A: The class collectively raised money to go within the month.

Q: What was your reason for the trip?
A: We went to learn what they do and how they operate.

Q: What did you learn?
A: How they help others with Down Syndrome and what type of programs they run. Plus, in the cafe we learned how to make the mugs and stuff.

Q: What is one thing you want people to know about your experience?
A: To tell people to donate so they can help more people and that they do a lot of great things for individuals with Down Syndrome.