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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Shreya P.

Let us have your brain, if just for one night.

That’s what the Keller Junior High staffs’ intention was in planning this year’s Literacy and Math night. On January 25 we had an amazing, well-hosted event for all the students and families to enjoy. The best part…it was a zombie themed digital escape room where everyone was able to use their brains.

Mrs. Konkey, one of our 7th grade L.A. teachers, planned this whole event. There was a lot going on that day, especially behind the scenes. She recalls “just making sure it was all running smoothly. Getting people schedules, room assignments, copies of the puzzle…anything necessary to help the night go by without a glitch.”

There was a lot to do behind the scenes for so many people. With eerie music playing in the background and the lights dimmed, groups of students broke out to different classes and started working hard. They tried keeping their focus, while teachers dressed as zombies banged on doors and groaned. We also added a little twist. The idea was for students to navigate around with their families through tasks to break the code to the final treasure.We had students get their faces painted and even handed out red snow cones to mimic blood. Mrs Konkey, the hostess, explained that she can’t remember another time at Keller that we had such a fun-filled, creative night.

“I could feel the excitement before it started and it lasted until the very end,” she said. “In the past, we NEVER had this many families show up.”

It was a wonderful two-hour event at Keller and a night that the brains of students will remember for years to come.